Taipei Urban Adventures

Our Taipei Urban Adventures team lives and breathes Taipei in a way only locals could. They are passionate about sharing the local food, history, cultural traditions, and showing you the hidden gems of the city. With our team you’ll never miss that secret hangout or local favourite, such as Taipei’s buzzing markets or its mind-blowing historical buildings.


All of our day tours are run in small groups, so you’ll have ample opportunity to ask your awesome guide the best things to see and do in Taipei. Don’t miss this chance to hang out with a Taipei local! On our tours you’ll get to know the culture and customs from a whole new perspective, offering you deeper insights into this fascinating city and all it has to offer.


You can either book our tours online, or send us and email at for further information.


Peter Lin: Whilst travelling, Peter prefers to spend time focusing on the people he meets instead of the sights he sees. He believes that meaningful and unforgettable journeys start with the connections you make with a person. When he’s not getting to know a destination from a local perspective, Peter love to enjoy food! He explores local stalls instead of famous restaurants, and engages with the people and the food to gain deeper insights into the culture. Sharing and listening to travel stories is what Peter loves to do!


Steve Shih: Steve loves to help people plan their travels, and as a perfectionist, he loves to design the perfect travel plan for customers in Taiwan and see them enjoy it. He believes that his local knowledge equips him with the ability to show people the true Taiwan experience, even in a very short space of time. Steve also loves to experiment with social media, and uses it to promote anything and everything to do with his motherland. Outside of work he loves to play board games, read, and take photographs.


Daniel Tsai: Daniel grew up in Haulien, one of the most beautiful parts of Taiwan. He loves to meet new people from all over the world, and the thing he loves most about showing people his country is giving them plenty of smiles and lifelong memories! Daniel strives to seek out every single hidden place in Taiwan to show the world; he wants to know everything about his country. To Daniel, meaningful travel is not about just seeing the tourist spots, but also listening to the locals and letting them show you the hidden gems.


Vivi Guo: Vivi is born to be a traveller. She is totally in love with long term travel, and is a firm believer in working her way around the world. As she has met a lot of other travellers on her trails, Vivi understands what travellers want and has a mission to deliver it. Based on her personal travel experiences and each person’s unique desires, Vivi designs unforgettable plans for travellers looking to explore Taiwan.